What is NURU Massage?

History and Benefits

The simplest definition

The simplest definition of a NURU massage is that it’s a nude body massage that originates in Japan. However, it is so much more than that.

You came to Vegas for the sin and the excitement. Rather than just going to an Asian massage parlor for a basic massage that will leave you wanting more, we can introduce you to our sexy and fun girls who have been skillfully trained in the art of NURU.

NURU gets its name from the slick NURU gel that is used. It’s a slippery water-based lubricant that is mixed with nori seaweed. It’s clear, tasteless, and fragrance-free. All of these things are important because it’s going to be used all over your body. The slicker you are, the easier it will be for the nude girl to move all around you. You want skin on skin contact, but there’s nothing sexy about chafing. This gel will create the desired level of movement so you get pleasure and nothing more 😉

The massage provides full body contact. The massage girl is going to slowly undress, providing you with a bit of a strip show as she prepares for your massage. From there, she’ll invite you to undress and lie face down on the table.

It Offers More…

At an erotic massage parlor, many times, at least some clothes are kept on. When these massages are given in the privacy of your hotel room, we invite full nudity. It offers more contact, an easier time for our girls to slide up and down you, and ensures you get to relieve ALL the tension in your body.

You get to identify your pain points. Want an erotic butt massage? You got it. Need to flip over so that she can massage both your front and back? All you have to do is say the word for a full body massage.

While the slippery gel can leave a mess, our massage girls will be sure to bring all the necessary supplies. This includes a rubber sheet that can be laid down on the floor or bed – wherever you decide you want your massage to take place.

Not sure you want the seaweed gel? That’s no problem. We can easily substitute massage oil, body butter, or even soap to give you that Las Vegas erotic massage experience.

A Las Vegas NURU massage with us can be customized to meet your comfort level. If you want two girls to provide you with the massage, we can certainly make that happen, too. After all, four hands (and breasts and legs and…) are definitely better than two!

What are the benefits of NURU massage?

What is NURU massage beyond a traditional massage? Besides providing you with skin-on-skin contact, you can enjoy a number of health benefits. And when you get this type of massage in Las Vegas, you will enjoy the unique benefits of sensual massage.

Relieve Tension and Stress: One of the biggest reasons to book a massage (NURU or otherwise) is to relieve the tension in your muscles. With NURU, the massage girl will be able to use a few unique techniques with her elbows, knees, and other body parts to really get into the knots and release the tightness. Plus, the added sensory of the gel and her nudity will help to encourage the stress to just melt away.

Improve blood circulation: With all the walking you may do in Vegas, improving your blood circulation is important. The pressure and stroking that is rhythmically applied during a NURU massage will get the blood circulating. Oxygen and nutrients can reach your cells more effectively, boosting your health and vitality.

Experience lymphatic drainage: Over time, your lymph nodes can collect toxins and lead to fluid retention. Through various strokes, along with the NURU gel properties, the lymphatic system will be stimulated. This will help to reduce fluid buildup and detoxify the body.

Enhanced mood: If you’ve been working hard, you need to think about boosting your mood and improving your overall mental well-being. The physical touch element of this kind of massage will release more endorphins, which are your body’s happy chemicals. As her hands travel all over your body, your endorphins will fill the body – and you’ll start to feel euphoria. It can help relieve anxiety, stress, and even depression.

Moisturize the body: While drinking water and using lotion can help to moisturize the body, NURU gel contains all sorts of naturally moisturizing properties. Thanks to the seaweed, it’s also rich in nutrients. As the massage girl kneads the gel into your body, it will help to nourish and hydrate your skin while also helping with skin tone and texture.

Increase flexibility. Massage has always been capable of increasing flexibility, and a NURU massage is no different. She can work to slowly bend your joints while massaging them. As she applies pressure and stretches the muscles, it can do wonders for your range of motion.

Add intimacy. Some of the movements in a NURU massage can be quite tantric as you focus on your breathing and the fusion of touch. When you want to experience a connection between mind and body, you’ll become more self-aware. This adds intimacy and can help you to share an emotional experience.

And More…

It’s not just about health, either. There are reasons why people are always asking “What is a NURU massage?” They’ve seen the porn videos of massage parlors. They’ve explored nude body massages online. And then they want to experience one, too.

If you fall into this category, we don’t blame you one bit. One of the best things that you can do for yourself while in Vegas is to schedule an erotic nude massage, and we offer some of the most private, discreet, and exciting ones you can get. It allows you to experience a different side of Sin City, and it all takes place in the comfort of your hotel room so that you’re not “caught” going into a place on the Strip.

Our girls have been trained to offer impressive massages that will help to relax your body. Our girls are also eager to please, so you may find that the two of you can explore your spark in other ways once she’s off the clock.

You’re not just going to get an erotic massage. You’re going to get a full experience. Choose the girl of your dreams. You can have a blonde, brunette, MILF, or busty NURU massage. Let us know what your fantasy girl looks like and when you want your NURU massage, and we’ll take care of the rest.