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At, we’re committed to providing you with quality NURU massages from beautiful, experienced girls. When you want to relieve tension and create some sinful memories while in Las Vegas, we’re here to help every step of the way.

Our professional services are discreet, ensuring that you can get the level of service that you want without anyone knowing what’s happening behind closed doors.

The massage girls provide in-room services so that you can enjoy a massage in the comfort and privacy of your hotel room. Our services are offered 24/7, and you can have the girls visit any hotel of your choosing in Las Vegas. It’s not only safer than visiting a massage parlor but it’s also more convenient.

What is NURU Massage?

We ALways Give You A VIP Experience

The word NURU is a Japanese word meaning ‘slippery.’ It’s a great massage that uses a lot of body contact and can actually be amazing for blood circulation. The benefits of NURU massage are amazing. If you have ever watched NURU massage porn and wondered if it really involves a naked woman rubbing herself on you, the answer is yes. The reality is that Japanese NURU massage is extremely popular. It’s sensual and capable of delivering the muscle relaxation techniques that your body needs.

A NURU massage origins in Japan and a slick NURU gel, sometimes mixed nori seaweed, is used so that the masseuse has the ability to slide up and down your body. She’ll use every inch of her body across your own so that you can get a quality massage. You’ll love every second of your massage services – and it’s something that can be fully customized to meet your needs. Not sure if you want the NURU massage gel used? We can make modifications to include massage oil, lotion, and even soap. You can even ask us for recommendations if you’re not sure what you might like. Our goal is to ensure you get the kind of experience you’ve always dreamed of.

Our girls have been trained in the fine art of massage, so whether you want a way to relieve the knots and tension in your aching muscles or you want something a bit more sensual, they know exactly what to do during a Las Vegas NURU massage. The best way to find out what it’s all about is to book one for yourself.

Our Masseuses

We ALways Give You A VIP Experience

Our massage therapists aren’t like the typical masseuses you may come across at a Las Vegas spa or massage parlor. They specialize in sensual massages. Not only are our girls professional and discreet but they’re also beautiful and ooze sex appeal. We want to make your fantasies come to life, which is why we have so many different girls. Close your eyes and think about your dream girl. We have brunettes, blondes, Asians, and many others to satisfy your sensual urges. If you want busty, petite, tall, short, or even MILF, we have the means to accommodate you.

Plus, our girls are naturally outgoing and flirty. This makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy their company from the moment that they walk through your hotel room door, leaving you feeling like pure bliss. A busty NURU massage girl could be knocking on your hotel room door later this evening. And when she arrives, she’ll be committed to making sure that you enjoy every single moment in her company.









What to Expect From The Best Nuru Massages in Vegas?

Whether you’ve never had a NURU massage in Las Vegas or you’ve never had one with us, allow us to set the scene so that you know what to expect. The massage girl will arrive at the time that you have booked. She’ll introduce herself and enter the room. She’ll prepare the room for the NURU massage, which includes setting up various rubber sheets so that the slick gel doesn’t get all over everything. Of course, if you want the massage to take place in the tub, simply let her know.

She’ll undress and invite you to do the same. She’ll also ask about any areas where you might want extra attention. If you’ve been feeling tension in a particular area, let her know so that she can work her magic.

She’ll start to apply the oil and use her body to begin moving it around. At some point, she’ll lay on top of you, slowly moving up and down. Depending on your comfort level, she may also have you flip over – ensuring that you get the massage treatment on both your front and back.

When the massage is over, the two of you can discuss what comes next…and trust us, there are plenty of things that can come next, especially if the two of you have an electric connection!

Frequently Asked Questions

These Are Common Questions From Past Clients

Thinking of a NURU massage near me?

We have rounded up some questions we’re commonly asked. Don’t see your question? Contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have before you make your booking.

Is there penetration during a NURU massage?

Penetration is not an option during NURU massage because that would be considered a sexual act, which falls into the category of prostitution. Our girls will not engage in any illegal activities, even upon your request.

You are hiring the girl for a massage. Should anything happen after the service is complete, that is between two consenting adults.

Do I have to get fully naked for the massage?

While you are getting a sexual NURU massage, we want you to be comfortable. The girl will be fully nude so that she can easily slide over your body. Many of our clients want as much skin-on-skin contact as possible. However, you can undress to the level in which you are most comfortable, such as down to your briefs or boxers.

Can I have more than one girl giving me a NURU massage at once?

Absolutely! A nude NURU massage is considerably more exciting when you have more hands and bodies involved. You can set up a NURU massage for you and your partner or simply for you – and if you want two or three girls to provide you with the massage, that is entirely possible.

Remember, you will pay for the time of each girl – and you can choose which girls you want to visit for your service, ensuring that you can check off all of the boxes to your Vegas massage fantasy!

Are there any other services available beyond the NURU massage?

We are all about providing you with in-room massages and entertainment. If you want a Vegas NURU massage as well as a girl who will hit the town with you (such as accompanying you to dinner, a show, or even a strip club), we’re happy to accommodate you. Similarly, if you are searching for entertainment for a bachelor party, we’ve got the girls who will love to entertain.

When you call to make your booking, simply tell us the services you want so that we can make it all happen.